Global Indy

Read my posts on Global Indy. Global Indy is a partnership between Provocate and globalization students at the Indiana University School of Public and Environmental Affairs (SPEA) in Indianapolis. We explore the intersection of global+local in Central Indiana.

1. Dwell Better Together at Franklin College
A refugee panel at Franklin College.

2. Mid-Autumn Festival! A Chinese celebration of the harvest – Indianapolis style
A celebration of the autumnal harvest.

3. What is American? Jose Antonio Vargas at Franklin College
Undocumented immigrant and activist Jose Antonio Vargas speaks on immigration and his story at Franklin College.

4. Dr. Rachel Armstrong wants your light to come from bacteria
Living architect, innovator, TED Fellow, scientist and all around bad ass Rachel Armstrong on true sustainability.

5. More cupcakes
Clean energy lecture at United Methodist Church.

6. Drone Attacks and International Law
A special session with Mary Ellen O’Connell.

7. Matisse at the Indianapolis Museum of Art
I kinda love him now.



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