my new years resolutions advice: quit. then hit reset.

ResetAhh, New Year’s Resolutions… everyone’s doing it. This is about the time when I start thinking about my next year’s goals. (I launch mine on my birthday in February.) I have been trying to think of things important and meaningful and the usual — workout more, eat better, save money, etc., etc., etc., come to mind. You put a lot of pressure on yourself, setting New Year’s Resolutions and I was thinking about how people could do better at them. Not fail.

And what I came up with is this… Fail. But then try again. This is my theory…

Let’s say four weeks from now you’re done waking up early and going to the gym, you’re done running, you’re done being careful with your food. I think that’s okay. Give yourself the break you need and then get back at it. Hit reset. The trick is to actually hit reset and not stay on a permanent hiatus. Even if you have to hit reset every month, who cares?  If it keeps you going longer, do it. The goal is to develop a new and healthier habit, not to workout every day for 365 days straight.

“They” always say real change is brought on by steady and subtle actions for at least 21 days. So four weeks in, you’re done. Take a break and get back out there. I read somewhere that if you just try to be active for 10 minutes, you’re likely to keep going for the full 30 minutes or however long you want to work out. It is the time between zero and 10 minutes that is the hardest.

A little before Thanksgiving I started going to 5:30 am spin classes at Pedal in South Pasadena. As the weather got colder (yes, it has been cold in Southern California, stop judging me Indiana!) it was harder for me to get up in the morning. When we finally figured out how to turn on the heater, I found that is was much easier to wake up in the morning. I’m sure that’s kind of an obvious statement… but I was happy when it was five million times easier to wake up in morning. Some more obvious statements:

  • Working out in the morning makes me happier in the morning and more energetic during the day;
  • It helps me want to accomplish more;
  • And I’m so happy driving home from work in the evening knowing I already completed my workout.

So those are my thoughts on New Year’s Resolutions.

You can quit.

Just make sure you hit reset. 



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