san antonio, what the?

I’ve been meaning to write this post for mmm…. about four months. What can I say, life? I have admittedly never been a big fan of San Antonio. Of all the people I have met in my traveling, upon learning that I’m from Texas, usually comment on San Antonio before any other Texas city (followed by Austin). And I’m like, meh. I’ve just never been a huge fan.

Until recently, that is, did I really have a good experience in San Antonio. I started to experience it as a city of real people and not of tourists. So I write, reformed. With some friends that recently moved to the city, I seemed to find myself in the same part of the city – South Alamo Street.

gallery_venues_6261Liberty Bar

Housed in a restored convent, the Liberty Bar is a beautiful building with delicious drinks and food. I love the atmosphere. Climb upstairs, sit at the bar or grab a table but do so quickly – it fills up pretty fast. I met my friend Casie for dinner and had the Beet, Orange and Walnut Salad to start. Yum! Followed by the Venison burger (I was eating meat at the time) and a glass of red wine. The salad was tangy and the burger was soft and savory.


My experience at Feast was a disappointment when I had Liberty Bar the night previous. I just don’t believe in charging those prices for “small plates” and in San Antonio – get over yourself, Feast. With my friends I shared the Butter Leaf Lettuce Wraps (Ground Pork, Garlic Yogurt, Piquillo Peppers in Butter Leaf Lettuce). They were delicious, but the serving was too small and too expensive. The restaurant is so Ikea’d out the whole place feels like you could put it together with one of those elbow wrenches. I met another friend at a dive bar called Faust and when I thought he said Feast he said, “Oh no, I would never go there.”

hot-joy-logo-500px_zps17a18714Hot Joy

We left Feast and went to Hot Joy. Hot Joy was just as it name describes a Hot Joy. Described as an Asian Fusion restaurant, we ordered the Fried Pork and Glass Noodle Springrolls to start and then I ordered the Double Miso Ramen. Both were savory and delicious.

In addition to these three new places, I did the required Whataburger run and on my last day had breakfast coffee with Casie at Hotel Havana’s Ocho. I imagine Cuba being much like this place and now that we may be able to travel to Cuba, I might be able to find out! Ocho is such a beautiful restaurant setting that you should go just to sit there. It was F. Scott Fitzgerald meeds Cuba. Lovely.



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