the move to la: adventures heading west

The Flat IronsOn our last trip across the US, Choy and I stopped by a couple of fun places including The Grand Canyon, Four Corners, Garden of the Gods, and the famous Oklahoma Joe’s BBQ.

This time we wanted to spend some time in Boulder with friends so we hauled for 15 hours from Indianapolis. Somewhere in that 15 hours we stopped in Kansas City, MO to sample some more of their legendary BBQ. We stopped at Arthur Bryant’s, where the President had eaten just days before. It was delicious.

In Boulder, we hiked, grilled outside, and sampled the beers from Boulder’s many many breweries. Choy was even able to get a run in on The Flat Irons.

ArchesWe drove a much shorter day the next day and made it to Moab, Utah for dinner. We wanted to visit Arches National Park. Moab is bustling! There was hardly a hotel room available. We used our reward nights and were able to offset the $200 room fee by more than half.

We woke up early and took the UHaul to Arches. The landscape is amazing. Unfortunately Delicate Arch was unreachable. There had been heavy rain the day before and the way was flooded. Choy and I found smaller, but still amazing arches. They would have to suffice until our next visit. Moab is only 11 hours from Los Angeles. Being from Texas, that’s not such a big deal. When my family visits us we might consider making a trip back out to Arches.

Tip: Get to Arches before 7:30 am and you can get in for free and beat the crowds. Choy and I headed out of Arches at about 8:30 am and there was already a line to get in. Go early and get the amazing vistas all to yourself.

INNOUTFrom Arches National Park, we headed home and along the way I had my first In N’ Out burger. I have a seriously loyalty to Whataburger and became nervous that I would like In N’ Out better. Choy ordered the burger “animal style” and I took my first bite. It was good. But…

NOT AS GOOD AS WHATABURGER! Maybe some of you Texas-California expats disagree (shame on you!), but I prefer Whataburger.

So I’m newly Californian, but always Texan in my heart. You Texans understand.





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