the move to la: home sweet home

Choy and I moved to Los Angeles (area). It took us a few days (and me a few years) to get here, but we’re here. Finally. I’m looking forward to discovering all the city offers in dynamism, but first… let me unpack my house. In my true, Type A and self-diagnosed mild-OCD fashion, I couldn’t as much as comb my hair until my house was unpacked and set up. 

Our house in Alhambra is about the same size as our house in Indy, but for twice the price! Yay! The improvements are in location (duh), a second bedroom and a fenced in backyard for the pups. After unpacking the UHaul, we discovered the couch would not fit through the doorway. So in addition to the furniture we were prepared to buy, we added a couch to that list. As with most moves, our credit card really got some exercise. So that’ll be fun next month. But, that’s future-me’s problem! 

3117 Living RoomThankfully, all the boxes are out of the house. The living room is cozy with our new couch.

I had a lot of books to arrange all around the house and I can’t say I’m wholly satisfied, but for now it’s fine. If you have books, don’t just throw them on a shelf, decorate with them. I recommend this site: Decorate with Books. I found this resource at the Printers Row Lit Festival in Chicago and have bookmarked it!

The living room has three large windows and one floor-to-ceiling window. We get great light, but boy does that room get warm. It’s likely the warmest room in the house. 

3117 Dining RoomThere’s not much in the way of storage in the living room so, I piled books under an accent table, put our DVDs in a oversized basket under the accent table, arranged some books on the book shelf/tv stand and hid some quilts and blankets in the chaise’s storage.  

The dining room is pretty simple right now. There was a huge red wall when we arrived and with neither the energy nor the desire to paint it another color, we left it red. We moved our Los Angeles Ork poster from it’s previous home in the living room to the dining room. 

The two oversized candlesticks were found at a vintage store for $10 in Boyne City, Michigan. I spray painted them a matte black. The dining table is a $70 Craigslist find. Eventually, I’ll find something better, but it’s fine now. Actually, it’s been great because our pups teethed on it. I would have hated to have a fancy table and have our dogs mess it up!

3117 Office View

Opposite the Los Angeles Ork poster is a bookshelf with books and a few baskets with place mats and napkins. I organized the books by category: Art (photography, museum, theatre), travel, YA books (Harry Potter, Percy and the Lightening Thief series and other vintage children’s stories I found at a book sale in Charleston, South Carolina), Running, Dogs and then Playbills. 

My favorite of all the rooms in the house, however, is our office. We have this space on the side of the kitchen, which I think is supposed to be an extra storage room or open pantry. It’s large enough for our refrigerator, a desk, and a bookshelf. I don’t like it cause it’s a great office, I like it because I think we did a great job of using this space. Urban living at it’s finest!

Frig/Magnet BoardWe positioned the desk under the cabinets to use the cabinets as file storage. If we had put the refrigerator under the cabinets, we wouldn’t have used them to their capacity. 

Under the cabinets, we added an Ikea shelf and cork board. We also bought one of those little desk lamps that clips to a shelf. The desk isn’t too big and every inch of space is precious. We didn’t want the lamp to take up desk space.

I use the side of the refrigerator as a magnet board where I store paperclips, push pins, and binder clips in round containers with magnetic backs. Behind me is a tall bookshelf with all the usual things: books, games, photos, knick knacks.

photo 3I’ve started doing my work here (I work from home) and already my pups are getting used to the new space. Ruffalo usually lays behind me in the kitchen on a rug. Oliver likes to sleep at my feet under the desk. He sleeps next to the paper shredder. He’s also an efficient user of space. 

In a few weekends, after we can give the floors a good scrub, we’ll have an open house for our friends and family. The open house will be an all day affair. If visitors would like to come in the morning, they can have pan from the panderia down the street and mimosas. If visitors would like to come at lunch, they can have an assortment of finger foods, and if they come near dinner time they can have wine and some delicious cake from Porto’s

Because our friends live all over the city, we thought this all-day open house would give them the flexibility to choose when to come out to see us and the new house. Exciting!



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