elote: the best treat evah

IMG_4014One of my most favorite treats in the world is elote (EH-LOH-TEH). Elote, for those that don’t know, translates to “corn.” But elote is much more than just corn. It is corn covered in mayonnaise, Cotija cheese and chili powder (but a special kind). You put that baby on a stick and you’ll be delighted for minutes. It doesn’t last very long!

My Filipino husband didn’t know elote until he married me and now his life is better. Just kidding, he grew up in LA so he knows elote, but his life is better now that he’s married to me!

Though many of my friends that read this blog will know this recipe, others may not. So here it is!

Elote (serves one)


  • Corn on the cob (or corn in a can, but yuck! fresh is better!)
  • Cotija cheese (enough to cover the cob)
  • Mayonnaise (enough to cover the cob)
  • Chili powder (my favorite brand is Pico De Gallo’s Pico Limon)

1. Boil or grill the corn. (Don’t forget to shuck it and clean it of any threads)
It the corn is on the cob, you’ll need to put it on a stick. It the corn is from a can, you’ll need to put it in a cup.

2. Stick or cup your corn.
I grab the corn with tongs and stick a chopstick in middle of the cob, fat end down. That seems to work well. If you’re putting your corn in a cup, don’t forget to drain it! Once you drain it, add the ingredients below. Eyeball the amounts. Not too much mayonnaise just enough to get on all the kernels. Don’t forget to mix it up!

3. Add Mayonnaise
Use a brush to comb mayonnaise all over your corn cob.

4. Add Cotija cheese
Use a spoon to cover the mayonnaise covered corn with cheese. Make sure you do this over a bowl. There will be lots of runoff and you don’t want to waste that yummy Cotija cheese!

5. Sprinkle your chili powder all over the corn
This is the hardest part, because you have to find the right chili powder. I’m not kidding you, my mom and I searched for years for the right chili powder. Obviously, we never thought to ask the vendors.

And now your done! Eat it! Yum!



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