new year’s resolutions – two weeks in

After two weeks of living with purpose, I wanted to report on how I’m doing with my new year’s resolutions…

imgresI read the first two books in the Hunger Games trilogy and am on the third. I’m struggling with Mockingjay because it feels kinda slow and I just want to know what happens. I think I might take a break from Hunger Games and read Five Days at Memorial.

Five Days at Memorial is about the patients at Memorial Hospital in New Orleans during the time of Hurricane Katrina. The hospital had to make some tough decisions on who they could save, who they could help and who they needed to let die. I think it’ll be a really interesting read.

I’m also starting grad school again this month so my semester long reading of finance, budgets and statistics will be tubs o’ fun.

I kicked off the new year with my 5-day yoga challenge and am trying to do yoga on Saturdays and Sundays. Choy, the husband who never gives up on making me a tried and true runner, has designed a running scheduled and signed me up for some races. I was supposed to have started this week, but with the backlog at work, starting grad school and a generally difficult week, I’ve decided that I’m okay with starting on Friday.

What I like about signing up for races is that it forces me to run, eventually at least. I don’t want to die out there on my race and I don’t want to waste the money by not showing, so I have to practice. I really want to run in the morning before my day gets nutso, but it’s so early and so cold! Argh!

Choy and I are back on our vegetarian diet. It’s been 15 days since we’ve had meat!

We’re also trying to get in the habit of planning our meals for the week. Sunday we sat down and talked about all that we were going to cook this week and then went out and bought only what we needed. I’m pretty proud of us.

I think it’s also a good habit to get into pre-children and also great for sticking to our budget.

Choy and I analyzed our 2013 spending and were floored by some of the ridiculous spending we were doing. I challenge you to track your expenses and show yourself how much you could be saving if you were a little more careful with your money. Choy and I learned that we spent $5,000 on restaurants last year. That’s way too much for my blood. We cut that budget and are reviewing our receipts and expenses weekly to keep us on track.

We have a pretty nifty tracking document with categories and formulas and color coding. Maybe I’ll do a post on it. I think it’s a great tool. The other thing we did is we withdrew cash for our most frequent expense needs. We have an envelope for restaurants, an envelope for groceries and we each have our own spending money for the month. The idea is — once the envelope is empty, we can’t spend anymore until the new month when we get our monthly allowance. I’m kinda looking forward to having money in those envelopes at the end of the month. I think we should put it in a piggy-bank and count it all up at the end of the year. I wonder how much we could save? How exciting!

That’s the update so far. I think it’s going okay. I’m going to try to blog our progress as a way to hold us accountable.

Hope you’re doing well on your resolutions! Purpose!



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