my 5-day yoga challenge

Some time ago I bought a 5-class pass for CitYoga, a local Indianapolis yoga studio, and I put it to use recently.  It was great to spend some time re-centering and getting back in the yoga groove!

My first day back after several months away from my mat was energizing. I couldn’t do a lot of the poses with as much flexibility as I used to, but it was nice to get back into the practice. There have been many times in the past that I went a few months between yoga sessions. I did notice that this time around my body didn’t limber up as quickly as it had before. Is it my age or lack of practice? Maybe both.

After day 1, my body was sore but in a really good way. I could tell that I did a pretty good job of not pushing myself too hard in the previous class, because I wasn’t so sore that I couldn’t have a really good second class. Though it was a good class, I continued to experience my body resisting the quick bounce back to my practiced yoga-self.

side angle bind

Side angle bind

I used to have a really solid side-angle bind and a pretty gorgeous bird of paradise, my favorite pose. I used to be able to get those poses back pretty quickly and in day two, they weren’t coming back  so easy.


Bird of paradise

In day 3 of my practice I still wasn’t getting my binds back, but my form started getting better. My chaturanga, which has always been awful, was becoming stronger. Another of the poses what wasn’t coming back as quickly as I had hoped was my full wheel, which is just a back bend.

Another difference between my yester-years of yoga practice was the flexibility in my shoulders. I just wasn’t able to do what once came so naturally and easy.

Day 4 was New Years Day and I was fully ready to start the new year centered and feeling more confident in my yoga practice. I guess everyone did also, because the studio was jam-packed. It wasn’t exactly the session I was hoping for in the new year.

With little room to stretch or challenge myself, I spent my first yoga session of the new year stewing over the crowded conditions. I couldn’t believe the studio let that many people come in. It seems like a disservice to their patrons.

In fifth and last day of my challenge, our instructor tested some new flows. After a crowded and unsatisfactory practice the day before, I wasn’t in any mood for experiments; I wanted a strong and fluid practice.

Despite the situational annoyances, at the end of my challenge I was feeling much better, strong, centered and clear. Looking forward to continued practice. How long will it take me to bounce back?!


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