i love gift subscription boxes

Choy and I were surfing the interwebs looking for gifts ideas. I am of the opinion that monthly subscriptions are the best things ever. You basically get to give someone something every month and you only have to think about it once!

A few of my favorite subscriptions…
birchboxBirchbox – I bought my sister a birthday subscription and, monthly, she was delivered fun and fancy beauty products. Birchbox is $10 a month, last I checked, AND it’s great for guys too! There’s a fancy man’s box too. I think there is even a “home” box full of home scents, candles, etc.

Beer of the Month Club – I’ve never bought the Beer of the Month club for anyone, but it looks like a great idea! It’s more pricey than $10 a month, but it could be the perfect gift for someone spesh.

Wine Club –  Domain Chandon was one of the wineries I visited when I was wine touring in California and I just really liked them. When I need to send people wine, I choose Chandon.

All these options weren’t right for the gift we were looking for so I Googled “monthly subscriptions” and found Real Simple article: 8 Surprising Subscriptions Box Ideas. There are a lot of great ideas and ultimately we chose the snack box. The gift is a surprise and I am so excited to hear from the recipient when they receive the box!


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