the wedding

It was always our goal to keep our wedding very simple. The most important thing to us was to have our families together and to enjoy some time with each other.

IMG_3498We arrived on Kaua’i on a Thursday and our wedding would be on a Saturday. We had two days to make the final on-site arrangements. We booked hair appointments (for me and my mom), bought tons of groceries and picked up our cake and our leis.

When we walked in the lei shop Choy called the woman Auntie and she gave us both hugs. I later asked Choy if he knew the woman and he said no. Apparently that’s just the way it is in Hawai’i. Everyone is family.

The ceremony itself was pretty simple. Choy and I stood under a plumeria tree with our families surrounding us. His sister Pureza officiated the ceremony, his sister Portia and brother Carlo took photos, his niece read a poem, my sister read a poem, we exchanged vows, rings, kisses and we were done!

I loved the poem my sister read:

I believe in love at first sight

After the ceremony we all sat down for brunch and mimosas with our families. Portia, Choy’s sister, Choy and I all went driving around the island looking for good places to take photos. We stopped at a farm, in the middle of a road called the Tunnel of Trees, and in Koloa town. You can take a sneek peek of our photo shoot here.

We were all pretty beat by that point and took naps. When we woke up we all went to Waimea Canyon, as I wrote of in a previous post. See our wedding rainbow below.

Waimea Canyon Rainbow

I don’t have the panoramic photo thingy for the iPhone so you’re going to have to suffer with my pasting, but this is the rainbow we saw at Waimea Canyon. This is the first full rainbow, with all the colors, I have seen in my life. I’ve seen incomplete rainbows with yellow and orange, but you can actually see every single color here. Yay, ROY G. BIV!


One thought on “the wedding

  1. Dear Cristina & Choy:
    Thank you for sharing this with us. You had a beautiful wedding in a most beautiful place! I wish you lots and lots of happiness………….as above, so below.
    I loved the poem you posted, it definitely speaks of reincarnation!
    Lots of love to you both,
    Tia Juanita


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