all things at once

It’s often said that things happen all at once and at the most inopportune times. Where to even begin…

Since I last posted I have started graduate school again, gone to Hawai’i, gotten married, run a half-marathon, gotten promoted, and led three fundraising related events with my firm, my client and my sorority alumnae group! Though I’ve not blogged much, August and September were very productive months.

Applying to the School of Public and Environmental Affairs, I was very nervous. Not only an excellent and competitive program, I worried that I couldn’t handle the work-school combination. So far it’s been okay. Work has been demanding (a little more than usual) and so it feels like I’m just managing to keep my head above water. With my big projects over for a few months I’m hoping I’ll find a more comfortable rhythm to school. This term I’m taking a Law and Public Affairs class (taught by Sheila Kennedy, former ED of the Indy ACLU among many other things) as well as a Leadership in a Global Society class. Both classes are highly engaging and my colleagues are smart and funny. There’s a little more group work than I think any of us really like, but we’re getting through it. In the Leadership class we all write for the Global Indy blog. You can read my first post here – Dwell Better Together at Franklin College – and read those of my colleagues as well. Enjoy!


Lanikai Beach. Rated one of the best beaches in the world. Though I state my island preference for Kaua’i, this beach was on Oahu. Don’t you feel cleaner just looking at it?

My new husband and I were on Kaua’i and Oahu for 10 days and it was hard to come back to Indianapolis, as you can imagine. I have a definite preference for Kaua’i over Oahu. It was too commercial for what I wanted my Hawai’i experience to be. The best thing about Oahu was visiting our friends Justin, Melissa and their new baby Zoe. But you don’t know them so I can’t promise your trip to Oahu will be as fulfilling.

We ran the Kaua’i Half-Marathon and considering how challenging the course was, I think I did pretty well. My husband would say the same. On any other course I would have PR’d. We ran through rain and beautiful scenery. And best of all… we ran with THE BART YASSO. We were coming up on the 11th mile or so and Choy recognized Bart’s shoes. Choy said hello and Bart acknowledged Choy by name. Because of Twitter. How awesome is that? Choy ran with Bart for a little bit. I was feeling pretty strong and so I left them chatting. Before the race, Hawai’i Extreme Sports got a hold of our story and they interviewed Choy, his sisters, and me about the race, our families being on the island together and our wedding. We’re waiting for the show to air.

IMG_3508After the wedding, Choy and I took our families to Waimea Canyon. They call Waimea Canyon the Grand Canyon of the Pacific. It was amazing. My favorite part of the trip. While we were there we saw a double rainbow develop. The entire experience was breathtaking and a perfect ending to our wedding day.

Our last night on Kaua’i we went to the Smith Family Garden Luau. My favorite of the performances was the women’s pre-colonial hula and the Maori haka. I love the sound of the chant and the faces the dancers make. I first learned of the haka from the movie Whalerider – have you seen it? When I told Choy that I loved the haka he introduced me to a whole of world of haka I never knew. Check this out:

I think I just fell in love with rugby.

Here’s the real deal:

Don’t you just love it?!

And then there’s this:


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