coal miner’s daughter

IMG_3408IMG_3426What y’all know ‘bout Loretta Lynn?

Unfortunately, Choy and I were in eastern Kentucky. Fortunately, we were able to visit the birthplace of the famed daughter of coal miners – Loretta Lynn. Admittedly, I only know about Loretta because of my mother and Sissy Spacek and I only know the one song, but I really liked that movie.

In my maturing age, I tend to do more and more things I think my mom would enjoy. I’m my mother’s proxy. When I learned that Butcher Holler was less than 20 minutes away, Choy and I packed up the pups and made our way through the winding roads of Van Lear, Kentucky.

IMG_3408We knew we were close because we saw this rock that said “Butcher Holler” and an arrow. We followed the arrow and found ourselves in front of the childhood home of Loretta Lynn AND Crystal Gale. That’s right Crystal Gale, whose real name is Brenda bt-dubs. I must have missed that part of the movie because I don’t remember knowing they were sisters.

The gate was locked and so we made our way to Webb General Store. At the general store we bought general things and tickets to see the inside of Loretta’s house. The guy at the register called a guy and we were in.

We headed back to the house and Herman was waiting at the gate. Herman was Loretta’s younger brother and he showed us around the house, as much as you can show someone around a four-room home. The house is a log cabin with its original floors and furniture. Herman showed us photos of his family and told his stories about Jay Lee, Brenda Gail, Loretta Lynn and the rest of the gang.

It was a nice little side trip that we would have likely never made if given the choice. When in eastern Kentucky, right?



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