pure michigan

For the 4th of July Choy, the pups, and I all went up north. All you Michiganders know what I mean. Having returned from Vancouver just in time for a long holiday, we took advantage of the extra days off and drove up to Boyne City, Michigan.

We Air B-N-B’d it and played in Boyne City, Petoskey, and Traverse City for the holiday. The drive up was pretty bizarre, considering we got pulled over for being brown. I swear to you. We were just north (or south, I don’t remember now) of Fort Wayne and I was pulled over for “failing to yield to an officer.” Right. The officer, after not being able to hear what I was saying because Ruffalo and Oliver were going crazy barking at him, asked me to step out of the car. When I was out he asked me who Choy was. I told him and he said he couldn’t find Choy in “his system.” I assured the officer that Choy was legit. It was weird.

I was pretty shook up after that, because I wasn’t sure if we were just discriminated against and also because with all my speeding tickets, they probably would have to taken me to jail.

After that was over, we got back on the road and arrived in Boyne City at about midnight. Air BNB is great when you’re on a budget, which we are. For $240 we had the second floor of a home to ourselves. And our host allowed pets! If you’re ever in the Boyne City area, we recommend staying with Caitlin.

wet oliverChoy had a lot of fun waking up early and going for long runs along the lake. The puppies enjoyed playing outside but they are not water dogs. I forced Oliver into the water and he would swim right out. He was so cute though!

We discovered pretty quickly that being at the lake is great, but it’s a little lacking if you can’t be on the water. I sat on the dock wishing we were on a boat, but alas. I wanted to go kayaking, but we couldn’t leave the puppies alone and they wouldn’t stand to be on a boat and so we walked around town, sweating.

The 4th of July parade was pretty fun. Small town Americana. We watched the fireworks in Petoskey and I was so happy that Ruff and Oliver (or Little O as my mom calls him) didn’t freak out with the fireworks. It was our first 4th of July together since we got Ruffalo in September of 2012.  Choy and I bought some fruit, cheese, and wine and we had ourselves a picnic by the water while we waited for the fireworks to begin.

IMG_3336My favorite part of the whole trip was cherry picking. On our way back to Boyne City from Traverse City, we stopped in a town I can’t remember to pick cherries. We had the puppies and they ate a bunch of cherries while we were out there.

We were telling my mom that we were going cherry picking and she started telling us stories about when she and her family used to travel up north for the summer to pick crops. My mother’s and her family were migrant workers. She talked about the long, hot days working and it was so strange to me that the job that mother was paid cents to do, was something I was now paying farmers to let me do.  Very weird.



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