what i’m reading: lean in

lean inSheryl Sandberg’s Lean In has been on the bestsellers list and it was a slightly above moderately enjoyable read. A three and ¾ stars, I would say.

A lot of what Sheryl wrote about I already knew on some level. I’m sure a lot of women who have read the book can identify with her stories like I did. They, like me, probably didn’t know what to call it. The stories are all familiar. I don’t know if that is a ‘yay’ for me for being self- and socially-aware or a poo-poo for society for still having the same issues in ‘my day’ as Sheryl had in hers.

The things I came away with after reading Sheryl’s book were:

1. a confirmation that I wasn’t crazy and what I was experiencing in my life was real, and real for a lot of people,
2. a greater sense of self-awareness and
3. a confirmation that there are some things that I’m doing right and some things that I could be better at.

And maybe that’s what it is all about. Maybe that is what Sheryl intended. I guess that means it’s a four or five-star rating and dang it, she does belong on the bestsellers list.

When people saw me carrying the book around, they would ask, “how is it?” and I respond, “it’s okay. It’s an easy read and you won’t be worse off for reading it.” I do tell them that the thing I’ve taken most from the book is being more aware of my own behavior and that in itself is pretty important.

You know what it is, it feels like a beginners book. Reading through it was like reviewing the test questions for a test I already took.

If you haven’t taken the test, read the book. If you have taken the test, maybe read something else first that you’re more interested in, but still read it. In the meantime, check out these statistics about women in the workplace/leadership from the Harvard Business Review.



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