what i’m reading: a dog’s journey


At the airport recently, I realized that I had run out of the house without a book to read and so I went to one of the bookshops to find something that would be an easy, quick and entertaining read. I have this terrible habit of starting books at the airport and never finishing them.

I was walking around the books and couldn’t find anything that really interested me. I had read Bossypants and I had Lean In at home so what was it going to be… A Dog’s Journey was the only book there that seemed to fit the bill, though I was skeptical. It just looks corny.

Since I became a puppy parent, I’ve been more interested in books about dogs. Before Ruffalo and Oliver I couldn’t have cared less.

And… the book is… a disappointment. The only redeeming thing about this book is the beagle on the cover. The whole thing seems kind of trite and tired.

A Dog’s Journey is about a dog who is reborn until he serves his full purpose. His purpose is to be with this one girl throughout her life. Every time he is reborn he finds her… wading through a different catastrophe in her life. The girl:

1. has a mother who never wanted to be a mother
2. almost drowns in a lake as a toddler
3. is forbidden to see her grandmother, the only woman in the world that really loves her
4. suffers her father’s death
5. skips school
6. spends time in juvenile hall
7. develops an eating disorder
8. is attracted to self destructive and abusive men
9. is almost sexually assaulted
10. runs away
11. gets in a car accident
12. is stalked
13. is almost picked up by a pimp and made into a prostitute
14. lives in her car
15. is assaulted by a crazy, homeless person while she is living in her car trying to be an actress in California
16. grows up to live in New York City still trying to be an actress
17. dates a man that has a wife and will never leave her
18. gets kicked out of her apartment
19. attempts suicide
20. falls in love with her best friend who had been in love with her for all these years and serendipitously ALSO lives in New York City. He is an investment banker and when she marries him her money problems are over
21. can’t have children
22. suffers her husband/best friend getting cancer
23. goes back to school gets her GED, bachelor’s degree and master’s degree and becomes a psychologist that works with girls with eating disorders

Just like my list is one thing after the other, that’s the way the books feels. And you’re like, “OK, enough already!”

It’s just feels so melodramatic. Don’t read this book.



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