We’ve got two puppies in the house! It’s been an eventful month to say the least.

IMG_31771. Ruffalo wins gold at the Doggie Olympics
What kind of puppy mom would I be if I didn’t brag on my puppy for winning  gold at the Doggie Olympics! We were so excited! He got a gold medal and wore it proudly all day long.

I must admit that he didn’t win a race or even a bone finding contest, our dog won the pie eating contest. We’re still very proud.

IMG_32002. Ruffalo gets sick and I freak out
I was in Atlanta when Choy told me that Ruffalo vomited. Our dog eats just about anything so I wasn’t concerned. That was until I got home and Ruff seemed lethargic and sad.

I was preparing for his birthday party (Ruff turned 1-year-old!) when I noticed that Ruff was going to vomit again. Not minutes after he vomited did we notice that he was trembling as he lay on the floor.

We hurried to the pet hospital leaving all of his birthday party preparations still on the porch. The vet couldn’t quite tell us why Ruff was feeling so bad (so annoyed, isn’t that their job!?), but Choy and I figured it out.

Sometimes we put Ruff in timeout in the bathroom. One time he grabbed a sponge that I used to clean the tub and there it is. He had soaked up all the chemicals and they were making him sick! There’s always a reason to go to the vet with Ruff, his never-ending ear infections and now his chemical poisoning. Luckily, it left his system in a few days and he was pretty much back to normal.

I was a total and complete disaster when he was sick. We saw two vets when we went to the hospital and I think the first vet sent the second vet in cause she thought I was a crazy person. Considering my extreme reaction to my dog getting sick, Choy and I are rethinking children. (just kidding.)

What a way to spend your first birthday, huh? We made it up to him. Ruff’s been having puppy cake every weekend for the last few weeks!

3. Ruffalo + Oliver
It took a little while for Ruff to warm up to Oliver, but we’re on our way. Sort of…



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