what i’m reading: bossypants

41zAv4Ncy0LYou’ve probably already read this, but in case you haven’t… read Bossypants by Tina Fey.

I always liked Tina Fey. She was so funny on SNL. Her movie Baby Mama was HI-larious. Date Night was super fun, but you know what I like most about her movies? I like that she always identifies some universal truth about life and living and you’re like, “Yes!” when you’re watching it.

This post isn’t about her movies, it’s about her book. It was interesting to hear about her world and the behind the scenes goings-on at SNL and 30 Rock, but what I appreciated the most were the many many references to her role in the Hollywood, TV, comedy world.

I felt like Tina takes a lot of responsibility for the path that she creates for the women that follow in her footsteps and I really appreciate that. She knows that whether she likes it or not, she is a role model to some people and those people will follow her lead.

I also really appreciate her struggle for family and balance. The older I get the more I see how challenging that is and will be, especially when Choy and I have children. I liked reading her perspective and knowing that while it’s tough, some people can make it happen even if it doesn’t look like what you always thought it would.

She tells all these stories and shares all these perspectives, but it’s not a whiny-baby book. It’s entertaining and fun to read. It’s the best book I overpaid for in an airport yet!

I recommend you read it.


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