ethnic food adventures in indy

Since I last posted, Choy and I got on an ethnic food discovery kick. We don’t feel very multi-cultural in Indy so we started Yelping and trying to find different non-Italian restaurants. We were having a hard time. You really have to look for ethnic places because they’re not just there, all over the place like in New York, Los Angeles, Houston or Chicago.

First one on our list was Bando a Korean restaurant. Choy really liked it and it looked authentic enough. I guess Koreans eat a lot of meat, because there wasn’t much on the menu I could try. Choy had the Bibimbap; I had vegetables. This was the first Korean restaurant we tried in Indy. Apparently Ma Ma’s Korean Restaurant is supposed to be amazing, but we haven’t been there yet.
Choy’s rating:  4 stars                                      Cristina’s rating: 1 star

Major RestaurantFor the second ethnic food outing we went to Major Restaurant an Ethiopian and Eritrean place. It was kind of serendipitous because I had been asking my coworkers for suggestions for ethnic restaurants and someone mentioned Major Restaurant. The next day there was a Groupon! We bought the Groupon and went. And loved it. I ordered all the vegetarian options and Choy got some meat. It was so good and with a Groupon, it can’t be beat!
Choy’s rating: 3 stars                                        Cristina’s rating: 5 stars


I appreciated the decor of Santorini more than Greek Islands.

Next we decided to find some Greek food. We had heard about two places: Santorini and Greek Islands. We went to Santorini first and my eyes were too big for my stomach. We started with Greek salads, and there was hummus and bread and pita and then I ordered the saganaki and by the time our dinner came out… I was stuffed! We liked the food, though we were pretty upset that whatever tomato-like sauce they had on their green beans was from a can. A can! Greek potatoes and rice…yum. I’m not a big fan of eggplant but whatever they did to the eggplant they served me… delicious.
Choy’s rating: 3 stars                          Cristina: 4 stars

At Greek Islands we ordered fewer appetizers, but I still couldn’t resist the saganaki. I was pleasantly surprised that their flaming cheese portions were much smaller than at Santorini and so I didn’t fill up on cheese and could actually eat my food. Choy got another plate with the same tomato sauce-like green beans. He says the food tasted fresher at Greek Islands, that it had more flavor. The thing that I liked about Greek Islands was the belly dancer!!! Opa!
Choy’s rating: 4 stars                         Cristina: 3 stars

Suggestions for where to go next?


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