the one where i was nearly nerd-famous by only degrees of separation

IMG_3112I’m a big fan of The Vinyl Cafe and Stuart McLean’s stories of Dave & Morley. I love listening on NPR (We support public radio. Do you?!). So when Stuart announced that he was coming to Indianapolis, I stalked the virtual ticket booth. As soon as I was able, I bought tickets and I never looked back.

Serendipitously, I was sent to Toronto (Stuart is from Canada) for a work meeting and… I met DAVE of the Dave & Morley stories!!! The Dave character of Dave & Morley is based on a real person. He and Stuart grew up together, played hockey together.

Between you and me, the guy is a pretty big deal. I mean…a. big. deal. Such a big deal, I can’t tell you his real name. And not a big deal like Hollywood-celebrity-big-deal, but a big deal like change-the-world-big-deal. Because he is such a big deal I was already super stoked to meet him and even more excited when he confirmed that he was the basis of Dave. He was pretty pumped that I was going to see Stuart live and so he sent Stuart an e-mail that I would be in the audience. Just like that. Boom.

I’d be lying if I told you I wasn’t on edge the entire show. I was dying for Stuart to call me on stage. He never did. Oh well, the show was fantastic. It was so much fun. And the musical guest – Harry Manx – was so amazing. I love his cover of Van Morrison’s Crazy Love.

Here he is my bootleg recording of him:



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