our little baby oliver

Ruffalo has been moping around the house lately. We take him out for runs, play catch with him, and cuddle with him, but still we think he’s lonely. He’s either lonely or using his sappy beagle eyes to get extra treats. In any case, Choy and I decided we wanted another dog so Ruffalo would have a little friend.


Our little baby Oliver

We put a rescue puppy on our wedding registry, but as often happens when we get stuck on an idea, we started to do more and more research. We started combing rescue websites, the humane society, and Craigslist for puppy listings.

I was at work and Choy sent me a photo of a dapple dachshund and I had to have him. But the crazy lady wanted $300 for him! Um… that’s not a re-homing fee lady, that’s straight up buying him. We had to say no to his precious little face, but when I got home from work that day Choy found a listing for a beagle/dachshund mix that a Bloomington college student was trying to adopt out. We jumped in the car and headed for Bloomington with $60 burning a hole in our pockets.

When we met Oliver, we loved him instantly. He looks more dachshund than beagle and he loves attention. He’s been making himself comfortable at his new home and getting to know his new brother. Ruffalo is slowly warming up to him. I’m sure it doesn’t help that Oliver whines, and whines, and whines. He keeps us up all hours of the night. He pees everywhere.  He LOVES to be in your face and he loves to give kisses. If he’s not in your face, he’s whining. Sometimes I carry him with his little head on my shoulder and he buries himself in my hair… still whining. Every time I pick him up, he pees on me. Every. Time.


The little baby is all fixed now

Both puppies are keeping us pretty busy. Ruffalo is a little rough with Oliver, but Oliver picks on Ruffalo — they are acting like real brothers! They can’t share anything. They need their own napping palates, their own toys, their own leg of the dining chair to chew on.

We’re looking at a rough few weeks for Oliver though. We took him to the vet for a check up, shots and neutering. Poor little baby. He looks so funny with the cone of shame, but he’s doing fine. He’s got his meds and a comfy place to rest. We’re excited about our new addition. Sometimes I’m afraid Ruffalo thinks we don’t love him anymore. But of course we do! We’re throwing Ruffalo a birthday party in June. He’ll be one year old on May 15.


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