wedding planning commences, choy turns 34, and it is finally spring

Choy and I are keeping our wedding pretty simple so don’t worry, this blog won’t be all wedding, all the time. We have decided to have a small (15-ish), family ceremony in Hawaii on August 31, 2013. That’s right. This year. We will have the same wedding anniversary as my friends Courtney and Katherine, which is pretty fun if you ask me.

Kauai MarathonWe were already planning on being in Hawaii with Choy’s family to run the Kauai Marathon (we’re running the half) so we decided to invite my family and take advantage of everyone being in one place. Also, instant honeymoon! With both our families! That might sound weird to you, but I like spending time with our families. I’m really, really excited to officially be a Tita (aunt in the Filipino language of Tagalog). Choy has two nieces and a nephew.

I went on The Knot and have been sufficiently over-whelmed with everything there is on there, also their newsletters. I don’t know how my friends are doing it/have done it. There is so much to consider in wedding planning! Agh!

As much as I pretended to be, I was never a girl who dreamed about her wedding. I mean, I thought I would probably get married (even through the darkest days), but I never got passed the guest list in my day dreams. I didn’t think about a dress, or walking down the aisle, or the first dance. I only ever thought of the people who would be there.  So, we’re booking homes, planning an early morning beach ceremony and a brunch reception. Then we’re going to go surfing. If I can stay on the board!

Upland LogoThis weekend Choy turned 34. We celebrated by going on a trail run at Brown County State Park and eating at Choy’s favorite restaurant, Upland Brewing Company. We have to applaud their menu – so many vegetarian-friendly options in not such a vegetarian-friendly state. I think by the time we leave Indiana we will have tried everything on that menu. We’re looking forward to it.  Try the tofu tacos – yum! Happy Birthday Choy, my future husband!

I don’t want to jinx it, but this weekend was so nice. The weather was warm and running outside was a delight. We’ve had a long, long winter and we were all getting a little cabin fever, especially Ruffalo. We went running, on bike rides and even started on the yard for our Spring gardens. It was lovely; I hope Spring is here to stay. We are ready to eat outside (which we did tonight), go for bike rides, garden, and go to the farmer’s market.

Indy CogFor just a little taste of Spring on Thursday, Choy and I joined Indy Cog for a bike ride from Sun King Brewing to Victory Field where the Indianapolis Indians play — it was opening night! There was 60 degree guarantee, which meant that if the temperature was below 60 at opening pitch we got a ticket to a free game! It was 56 degrees! Yahoo!

We had a great time though my eating ability, and more importantly my heckling ability, was still a little limited from my wisdom teeth removal. I had my wisdom teeth removed — all four — about a week ago and it took me that long to recover. And just in time too.

I have two training meetings coming up for work and will need to talk for hours at a time. I’ll be in Macon,Georgia and Toronto.



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