weekend at home #3: spring cleaning, more arts, and the flea market

Next weekend I’m back on the road — Memphis. Blerg.

Choy and I spent the weekend at the Indiana Repertory Theatre attending the Friday night opening of Dance Kaleidoscope‘s Piaf Plus and Saturday’s show of  The Whipping Man. Both were outstanding. I think The Whipping Man would make an amazing one act play. Food for thought for all you one act play kids out there. See interviews from the actors below:

Every weekend we try to take Ruffalo to Dog Club and Saturday morning was so beautiful. We are desperate for the spring, but it’s not here yet. After Dog Club on Saturday, Choy and I cleaned the house a little. I really like to listen to music while we clean the house together. I’m not sure Choy likes cleaning the house as much as I do. The amount of dog hair that we swept up was obscene.

We had plans to go running on Saturday; I thought the weather would stay nice all day. It did not. It got so windy and cold, but Choy took me to Eagle Creek Park to run a few trail miles. I’d never run trails until a few years ago and now, even with just a little experience, I prefer them to road runs. Trail runs are more interesting. Road runs are so boring. I really need the weather to warm up.

Sunday we went to a Flea Market at the Indiana State Fairgrounds. Every time I’m at one of those things, an event at a convention center or something, I want soda and popcorn and whatever other concession stand food they have. It’s an instant reaction as soon as I walk through the door.

Soo… I bought my soda and popcorn and started scoping out the flea market finds. We walked away with a bike harness for Ruffalo, a new running harness for Ruffalo (I call it his sports bra), a conch shell, hand soap and Choy got a cross for the kitchen.

I read somewhere that a conch shell inside a house is bad luck, so I put ours on our porch. I hear somewhere else that birds near the entrance of your home are good luck (so we put bird feed out there). Between the conch shell and the birds, I think we’re set.



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