weekend at home #1: dog club, bad tamales, and the arts

I travel quite a bit for work and so when I got a solid month off from traveling I’m pumped. Before Choy, I didn’t mind the travel or time away from home, but now that Choy is in Indy (and has been for almost a year!) and we have the cutest puppy in the world I want to be home more, which makes work really hard. And when my job doesn’t require me to travel, the office  is no less stressful. I have a stressful job!

Passport-to-the-ArtsAnyway, I’m in Indy with Choy and Ruffalo for a solid month and we’ve got some good stuff going on. Friday after work, Choy and I went to Indianapolis Symphony. We bought  in to some $80 Passport to the Arts program. You get to go to five arts events (symphony, theatre, dance, etc.) and participate in the pre-show drink and mingle. It averages to about $15 an event plus you get a free drink and snacks. It’s a pretty good deal IF you take advantage of it which we had not. The symphony was the first event we had been to and the fourth of the five available in the season. Luckily, most of the passes could be used after the event date and so Choy and I had an arts filled weekend.

Choy woke up early for a long run on Saturday and I took Ruffalo to dog club. At dog club, a bunch of dog owners walk around the golf course with their dogs. Ruffalo loves dog club. He’s off leash and free to play in the snow and ice. He likes to crack the ice that accumulates in the sand traps and drink the water. He also loves climbing the hills and running down them.

Triple D

I don’t trust anything this Guy endorses anymore.

After dog club, Choy and I went to The Tamale Place. The Tamale Place was featured on Diners, Drive Ins and Dives and was given rave reviews for being an “authentic” Mexican resto in the heart of White People Land, Indiana. Let me tell you something…

I come from a long line of tamale eaters and this place was total hype. Feel free to correct me, but allz I  know is that any respectable Mexican resto ALWAYS ALWAYS ALWAYS has refried beans. And the masa? White. No flavor. AND it was ALL masa there was no filling! That’s not what my grandma’s tamales were like. Choy and I were sitting next to a group of people who were LOVING the tamales and they asked us what we thought. Unfortunately, we had to burst their bubble. We told them everything that we didn’t like about the tamales. Sorry, white people.

Sunday morning, the whole family went to dog club. On Sundays the dog club parents go to brunch together but Choy and I had tickets (Passport to the Arts) for The Lyons at The Phoenix Theatre. It was a pretty good play. The theatre was super small. Choy and I had been there before to see Avenue Q, but had been a larger theatre hall. There were two rows of tables in front of us and one row of seats behind us. Super small. We had a good time.

We spent the evening watching Harry Potter.



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