behold my shopping prowess

Lately, I’ve been having some fun on and Birchbox. is all about design products: home decor, clothing, pet items, accessories, furniture, etc. It is a really fun website, kinda designed like Pinterest (the panels) or Pinterest was designed like Fab, I don’t know which came first. Most recently, I bought my sister a corgi coffee mug because she loves corgis.

Welsh Corgi Mug -

That was for Christmas. For my sister’s birthday last year I bought her a subscription to Birchbox. She receives a box every month with the latest in beauty products: makeup, perfume, creams, etc. My sister is obviously really lucky to have me as a sister.

So I was playing around on Birchbox a few weeks ago and I discovered that they also have Birchbox monthly subscriptions for men, which I thought was pretty cool. I think people underestimate monthly subscriptions as gifts. They are the best gifts ever! For just $12 a YEAR your friend is sent a monthly gift. That’s 12 gifts!

When I was on Birchbox Home I found these amazing Foo Dogs.

Foo Dogs -

I wanted them instantly! You often see Foo Dogs (or Fu Dogs) guarding palaces, tombs, office buildings, etc. and I wanted them guarding my house, but I wasn’t willing to pay $60 for them. I knew I could get a better price somewhere else… like Chinatown.

Fu DogUnfortunately, Indianapolis has no Chinatown. We have an Asia Mart and that’s about it. So, when Choy and I went to Los Angeles this holiday I had to go to Chinatown. I got all this amazing stuff for Chinese New Year, but most exciting, I found Fu Dogs. For $35. I. Win.

I love this Fu Dog much more than the one on Birchbox. Look at all that color! Look at how ornate the dog is! He is awesome. One sits on the mantel and the other is on my coffee table.

Our little house is protected.



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