captain’s log: road trip across the usa, day 3

Day three. Okay, let’s do it!

We stayed with my friend Robyn when we arrived in Colorado after Day 2.

We stayed with my friend Robyn when we arrived in Colorado after Day 2 of travel. Thanks for hosting us Robyn, especially with a new baby!

Choy and I had every intention of waking up early and getting started as soon as possible, but you know how that goes. We slept in just a tiny bit after struggling with Ruffalo all night long. Ruffalo, our beagle, is such an only-puppy. Robyn has two huge dogs and they made room for Ruff on their huge floor pillow next to the heater. Did Ruffalo take the offer? No. He growled at the dogs and when we brought him to our bedroom he hid under the bed and would not come out. Finally, we zipped him up in his travel crate and there he slept. I was on edge all night, because Robyn’s baby is only three months old and I didn’t want to wake him.

In the morning, I gave the two big dogs some treats and what did Ruffalo do? He went and took the treats from Robyn’s dogs and brought them to our bedroom, where he did not eat them. Our puppy is a bully.

Ruffalo is like one of those kids who is forced to smile in photos by his mother. He'll thank me later.

Ruffalo tries his “looking off in the distance” pose. What a ham.

After breakfast with Robyn, her husband David, and the baby, we headed straight for Garden of the Gods… or so we thought. Our POS Ford Focus couldn’t make it up the icy hill so David had to come navigate the climbs and turns. Thanks David!

When we finally did get to Garden of the Gods, Ruffalo loved it. He got to run around and climb things and sniff everything. We walked around the park and took photos with a few of the rock formations. It was super awesome.

When we left Garden of the Gods, we headed for Manitou Springs which is this darling little village with streets lined with shops and fountains of crisp Colorado water. I did a little shopping and we stumbled upon a couple who was from Pasadena, California and went to Choy’s same middle school! At lunch, Choy recognized some people – his friend Rodney, Rodney’s wife Jennifer and their friend Stephanie – who all attended USC. What a small, small world!

We spent the rest of the day driving 70E toward Kansas City, MO. We didn’t make it to KC and decided to get to bed early in Salina, Kansas. We’ll be on the road again tomorrow for BBQ, St. Louis and dinner with my friend Lina. After dinner, we plan to get back to Indy in time for the ball to drop.

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