captain’s log: road trip across the usa, day 1

After a fun-filled holiday with Choy’s family in Los Angeles, we were sad that we didn’t have more time with them. Then we discovered that snow storms were dumping snow on Indianapolis and our flights would likely be delayed. With a few days to spare before either of us needed to be at work, Choy and I decided to spend one more day in Los Angeles and then road trip back to Indianapolis with stops in Arizona, Colorado, and Missouri.

Ruffalo surveys the historic Route 66.

Ruffalo surveys the historic Route 66.

So today we woke up at 5 am, loaded the car and drove the historic Route 66 through San Bernardino, Barstow, Kingman, and Flagstaff. Switching every two hours or so we made a few side visits, as was the intention of our trip, to enjoy the road, see the country. The day’s end goal was to visit the Grand Canyon.

We first stopped in Lake Havasu City, Arizona to see London Bridge. That’s right. London Bridge. It never fell down, it was just relocated to Arizona. Why? I don’t know.

After Lake Havasu City, we got back on the road to try to make it to the Grand Canyon before the sunset. We weren’t sure we were going to make especially since Choy told me about the Flintstones Bedrock City just outside of Williams, AZ. A tiny amusement park of Bedrock and the Flintstones? Yes, please. You can’t say no to that! Luckily, it was on the way to the Grand Canyon and we could prioritize our visits and get to the canyon first.

We took US 40 E and then AZ 64 N all the way to the Grand Canyon. It was so cold! One of the downsides of a spontaneous road trip through the US headed northeast is that, coming from southern California, you aren’t exactly prepared for the cold! The sun warmed things up pretty good, but I still had to put on extra socks, my trail running shoes (per Choy’s suggestion which was brilliant because there was ice and snow everywhere), my scarf and sweater. I probably would have done well to wear a hat, gloves and a jacket, but alas, they were in Indianapolis.

A view of the Grand Canyon from Mather's Point.

A view of the Grand Canyon from Mather’s Point.

We arrived at the park at about 3 pm and went out to Mather’s Point. The vistas were in Choy’s words, invigorating. It was so incredible. I mean the Grand Canyon IS just a giant hole in the Earth, but geez louise is it breathtaking. It was a little nerve-wracking to be that close to a humongous hole in the Earth and have ice and snow everywhere in addition to crowds and crowds of people. I was a little nervous, but it ended fine. Choy and I bought national park passports at the gift shop and christened the book with its first stamp: the Grand Canyon. You take these passports to national and regional parks and you can stamp them and collect them all! Choy said it was the first Four Square.

Speaking of Four Square, Choy has recently taken to the game and has a single week high score of 427 points because of these recent check-ins in multiple states and landmarks. My iPhone lost service (AT&T!) while driving up to the Grand Canyon and luckily I’ve been using Choy’s to check in when this happens, but it’s become a little bit of a competition between the two of us. He’s still a new user and you Four Square users know that the game hooks you at the beginning and then it becomes harder to get high points and badges. I’m letting him enjoy this time.

After the Grand Canyon, we drove to Flagstaff to stay the night. Tomorrow we will be driving to Colorado to visit with my friend Robyn and enjoying the beauty of the Rockies. Never having spent more than a layover in Colorado, I’m excited to just take in the landscape.

Two things we wanted to mention: 1. All of this planning is being done on the road via our iPhones. It is so amazing that we can research driving routes, find out information about each of our visits, compare prices, book hotels and finds Starbucks all with our phone. 2. We will write more about this later, but our rental car is a new Ford Focus. We want to know – who designed this blasted car? It is awwwwful. More on that later.

We’ll be writing again tomorrow after our visit to the Four Corners!


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