the best $6 i ever spent

About a week after Thanksgiving my parents came to Indianapolis to spend a little time with me, Choy, and Ruffalo.  It’s always fun when my mom visits. The last time she was in town, I came home from work and my entire apartment was rearranged. Ahh, mom knows best, right?

Thanksgiving is a terrible holiday to travel for, I think. It’s too short. Even just one more day would make it worthwhile, but I can’t get into paying tons of money to spend just a couple of days with your family. Choy and I stayed in Indianapolis this Thanksgiving and were excited to have my parents come see us.

My mom had been talking about some special holiday train that took you from one small town in Indiana to another to do Christmastime activities. She had been talking about it for over a year and when she came back to Indy this year, she was dead set on all of us going on there.

We drove about an hour east of Indianapolis to a town called Connersville and hopped a train to a smaller town called Metamora. Honestly, I was excited for the train ride, but it was sooo slow. It actually took us one hour to travel 20 miles. I. was. dying.

Once we got to Metamora. It was okay. There were a ton of little shops everywhere: antiques, home decor, country things, resale. The little village was decorated with Christmas lights and there were carollers and carriage rides. We went from one shop to another to another to another.  My mom was loving it and my dad, though he gave her a hard time, enjoyed himself too.


I was a little bummed that all I was buying was snacks, until I stumbled into this weird little shop full of a bunch of crap. I didn’t want to insult the store owner and walk right back out so I did a once through and as I was leaving a quilt caught my eye.

It was a hand-crochet quilt of flowers in various colors. You’ve probably seen them at your grandma’s house. They take a lot of time and so I figured it was at least $100. I thought about not even asking about it.

The girl at the register looked at me lifting the quilt like she had never even known it was there. I thought, I’d offer $20 when she said, “umm… six dollars? If you want it.”

If? IF? I couldn’t risk her waking up, so I handed her six dollars and ran outta there the happiest girl in the world. I’m so excited about my quilt. I’ve wanted one for so long! My grandma used to have a few a them, but when she died her children (my aunts and uncles) did something with them and I don’t know where they went. Even though the train back from Metamora to Connersville was painfully slow, we had my new quilt to keep us warm.



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