thanksgiving. when no dish tastes like your mom’s

Choy and I started cooking our Thanksgiving dinner around 11am yesterday and sat down to eat at about 5pm. We took about an hour break in between all the cooking to take Ruffalo to the dog park, but it pretty much took us all day long.

This was our first Thanksgiving together. Last Thanksgiving we were new and he was in California and I was in Texas. It was nice to spend it together and with our puppy!

I was traveling for work and arrived back in Indianapolis late Wednesday night. The entire week that I was traveling to work I was thinking about the dishes I would make. I would make my mom’s green bean casserole, her scalloped potatoes, and her stuffing. The only thing that I wouldn’t use my mom’s recipe for was the Tofurky. Choy was going to make baked mac and cheese, flan, and two Cornish hens. One of the hens was for him and one of the hens was for Ruffalo.

We had a good time in the kitchen, even Skyped my family in while we cooked. Choy’s mac and cheese and flan were amazing, but my side dishes… they just were missing something. They were edible and they were fine, but they didn’t taste like mom’s. Oh well, I guess I’ll try working the recipe a little different next time.

As for Ruffalo… he loved his little hen. Happy Thanksgiving from me, Choy, Ruffalo!


One thought on “thanksgiving. when no dish tastes like your mom’s

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