good weekend

Remember when I said that I would run a half marathon for a year starting in November? That started this weekend. On Saturday, I ran the Indianapolis Monumental half-marathon in two hours and 35 minutes. Not an impressive time, but considering I didn’t kick my training into high gear until about a month before, I’m pretty happy that I didn’t die.

Choy ran with me for the first six miles and then the trail split for half-marathoners and marathoners. I was doing okay up until mile 10 or so. At that point I had been running for more than 100 minutes and had only trained to about 90 and I was starting to feel it. I had planned to train to at least 120 minutes, but with the change in seasons it gets so much darker so much earlier and I couldn’t get the hours in.

The race itself was pretty well organized. There was plenty of water and Gatorade and the post-race booths and festivities were great. I got a pretty medal that I donated to Medals4Mettle, a non-profit that gives the medals to children fighting terrible illnesses, got a free massage, a free Jimmy Johns mini-sandwich, lots of peanut butter snacks and fruit. It was a good deal.

***For those of you wanting to donate your medals to Medals4Mettle, the Disney marathon medals are most popular!***

When I was done walking off some of the soreness in my legs, I went to the finish line to wait for Choy. The finish line is an awesome place to be. I don’t get hung up on finishing my race. I don’t cry when I cross the finish line, but I do get emotional watching other people get emotional. I saw people relieved to be done moving. I saw people falling to the ground; they were so happy, so tired. I saw people hugging finishers, so proud. I even saw a guy propose to his girlfriend at the finish line. The whole experience was awesome.

After the race, Choy and I headed to Chicago for the weekend. I had to be there for work on Monday, at which time I was promoted and got a raise. Yay! Soooo… it was a good weekend. :)

In other news, my dog has a Twitter account. That wasn’t my idea.


3 thoughts on “good weekend

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  2. so happy for you, please post more about this new promotion! oh, and just checked out Ruffalo’s twitter acct, hilarious :o)


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