bad kids

I was at an event and, of the many speakers, I had to tell you about this guy. He was speaking about how his organization helps kids get off drugs through the sweet, redeeming power of Jeezussssah. Fine. If Jesus gets you off drugs, that is fine and I am happy for you. Really and honestly.

The thing that gets me is the next thing he says. He begins to describe “kids these days” and how you can easily identify the troubled ones. How, you ask?

He says just look for the kids with piercings, tattoos, and multi-colored hair.

That is just the kind of opinion when paired with “Jesus will solve all your problems” that drives me up the wall.

First, I don’t think that Jesus will solve all your problems. I believe that you’ve got to meet your savior half way. You’ve  got to do your part to save your life and your god will do theirs. That is what I believe.

Second, in my professional life I’ve been part of a team that has saved more than 10 millions lives. And you know what? We have piercings, tattoos and multi-colored hair. I just don’t understand how anyone can make a blanket statement like that. Nevermind the communities where piercings and tattoos are culture and tradition: native americans, some african tribes, etc. Nevermind them.

Nevermind people, families, and communities that appear to be on the straight and narrow but suffer with all kinds of addiction. How many really straight-laced looking people have you known in your life to be harboring secrets of severe addiction? Or that are just bad people?!

People are more than what they look like. And though its cliché, its their actions that matter, right?

It was really frustrating to hear this man. He’s teaching children! He’s teaching children to think just like him! And it’s wrong!

I sat there in my suit, frustrated but mildly amused, knowing that I was proof that he was wrong. Proof. Right in front of his ignorant face.



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