something blue, something blue, something blue

“And the best thing is you can wear it again!”

These are infamous words uttered by mostly every bride, probably in the world. And what do we faithful bridesmaids do? Smile and say with forced enthusiasm, “Right?!” Because you never wear the dress again. Never!

You, my dear friend and bride-to-be, have forced me to buy a dress that I would not have otherwise purchased! The really unforgiving brides will make you spend hundreds! And will I ever get to wear it again? No. And nor would I want to! Thank you.

This is common stream of consciousness in lots of our worlds. But not mine. I’m the luckiest bridesmaid in the world. Let me explain.

Casie and I stretching it out for the bouquet toss. I thought about editing out my scary eyes, but… nah.

It was Thanksgiving weekend 2011, Houston, and I was a bridesmaid for my college friend and sorority sister – Suzanne. Suzanne chose a long marine blue dress that hid my thighs, cinched my waist, made my boobs look amazing and even made me look taller and thinner! God bless Suzanne, she’s a good friend. Her day came, I put on my dress and prepared to fight others for the bouquet. I had previously caught the bouquet at our friend and sorority sister Adriana’s wedding and I was going two for two. I caught the bouquet, Wobbled, did some other country line dances like any good Texas girl and then made my way back to Indianapolis.

Next, was preparing for my friend and ex-roommate Marcella’s wedding! She got engaged the June before Suzanne’s wedding and chose the same marine blue color for her bridesmaids. Marcella, being the sympathetic soul that she is, allowed me to wear my blue dress again. Her style, though the same blue, was shorter so I had the dress taken up about 24 inches and I was ready to go, provided the dress still fit! Marci’s day came; I flew to Cape Cod, put on my dress with the help of our friend Angie and rocked it with Chuck Taylors. I took part in my first same-sex wedding, Wobbled again, and air guitared to Bon Jovi. I mean what else do you do to Bon Jovi? The DJ played “Shipping up to Boston” followed by “Sweet Caroline.” It was a perfect Massachusetts wedding. And I got to wear my bridesmaid’s dress for a second time! Go Sox!

The bride, Marci, with the bride-to-be, Angie.

My friend Angie, my date to the Marci’s wedding, had just become engaged herself. In August her awesome boyfriend Brady popped the question on her favorite beach in Charleston, South Carolina where they live. At Marci’s wedding, Angie popped the question to me. Would I be her bridesmaid? OF COURSE! And her color… blue. SWEET JESUS THIS NEVER HAPPENS!

Can I wear this dress again? I asked her. Yes, she said.

So there it is folks. All you unlucky bridesmaids who only got to wear your dress once… I get to wear mine THREE TIMES! Not only that, when Suzanne first chose this dress it was ON SALE! For the number of times I am going to wear this dress, I essentially paid $33 for each bridesmaid’s dress experience. I’m looking forward to wearing my dress again and celebrating the sweet, sweet marriage of Angie and Brady in Charleston – October 2013.

I’m anticipating Angie’s will be the last wedding that I wear my blue dress. It’s had a good run.



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