ruff night

News! We got a puppy!!!

We had been talking about it for a while and were weighing the pros and cons of having a dog – finances, our work schedules, basic needs of a puppy, etc. We decided that we would finally get a puppy on our 1 year anniversary, September 25.

We started planning, scoping out shelters, researching dogs breeds. We decided that we wanted a beagle and started searching for beagles. We stumbled on Lucky Pups Rescue and found a photo we couldn’t ignore. It was the photo of our puppy Ruffalo.

We filled out an adoption application and the process moved along a lot faster than we expected. We had planned to have a puppy at the end of September and we got one last night! And what a night it was! We had a crazy thunder-storm and our little Ruffalo was so scared all night. Imagine being in an unfamiliar place and hearing thunder all night long! Poor puppy.

In the morning he was okay. Check him out!


One thought on “ruff night

  1. Cutie! definitely still getting used to the new surroundings, but am sure he’ll be a love bug and everything dog-riffic soon enough. Our first night w/our rescue pup she promptly peed on the floor, then freaked out (trembling) walking from carpet to wood floors. I actually carried her over the wood floors for a few days till she got her bearings. Now she’s just a big ol’ bundle of love! Puppies add so much love to an already loving home, you guys are going to love it! Can’t wait for more updates. Hugs to you all!


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