mom, see

When we were little kids, my mom used to take us shopping with her. If we weren’t driving her nuts asking her to look at everything we were looking at, we were trying to convince her to buy us things. I’ll never forget this one time we went shopping, we were much older, and she was telling us about how we used to drive her crazy asking her to “Mom, look at this” and “Mom, look at that.”

“Mom, look. Mom, look, Mom, look. Y’all would drive me crazy!” she told us gripping her egg roll. After lunch we continued our shopping and my sister, seizing an opportunity to tease my mom, started strolling among the racks of clothing.

“Mom, look.” My sister said. My mom looked.

“Mom, look.” My sister held up another piece of clothing. My mom looked, a little more annoyed and catching on to what my sister was doing.

“Mom, look.” My sister held up something else. My mom looked up and said, “Crystal, if you say ‘Mom, look’ one more time you’re gonna get it.” My sister giggled.

“Mom, see!” She laughed… loudly. If you know my sister you know that she has two volumes, loud and louder. My mom annoyed, tried to not laugh. “I didn’t say Mom, look!” My sister laughed as she attacked my mom with a big hug and a kiss.

When we were all old enough to participate in some kind of sport, the buying of athletic shoes became a regular occurrence, especially for my brother who played a larger variety of sports than my sister and I. To convince my mother to buy us new athletic shoes my brother (and my sister and I to some extent but more my brother) would do our best to convince my mom that the shoes were not only a good investment, but vital to our amateur athletic success.

To convince her of this, my brother would say, “Ah, mom, look at these shoes. These will make me run faster.” My brother would put on the shoes and hop around the room. “And they make me jump higher too!” He would tell her.

My sister and I would sit giggling to each other. I mean, sure, the right shoe can give you a little edge, but what difference does it make when you’re 10 years old?! Sometimes my brother would get the shoes, sometimes he wouldn’t, but we’ve never stopped using those lines.

And apparently this is something that Choy and I have adopted in our own relationship. Choy and I fell victim to this weekend’s Labor Day sales at Blue Mile.

So what had happened was… there was this tent sale. Shoes were more than %50 off, Moving Comfort bras were $20! We couldn’t help it and the whole time we were convincing ourselves that these were more lightweight than what we already had, or had more spring to them, or would be better for trails…

There are a lot of things that Choy and I have in common: running, blogging, a weakness for shoe sales and an ability to justify our indulgence.



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