running. again.

I ran my first marathon in Granada, Spain in 2006. In 2007, my best friend and I ran the Chicago Marathon. You know, the hottest marathon in Chicago Marathon history? Though we were forced to walk some because the race ran out of water and paramedics, we finished the race running across the finish line.

After that experience, I felt like I could survive anything! I set a goal to run a marathon a year and so I registered for the 2008 Los Angeles Marathon. I bought my registration, booked my flight and started training. Then Honda, the race sponsor, moved the marathon to May and I had a flight for February. Unable to switch my flight, I had to cancel my race and skipped a marathon that year.

In 2009, I started running half marathons. I ran one in Maryland and in 2010 registered for the New York Half Marathon with my friend Jorgelina. Quite honestly, I didn’t train for New York like I should have and day of the Big Apple kicked my ass. After New York I was beat and though I tried to start running again, I couldn’t do it. Since the New York Half, I’ve not run a long-distance race.

After all my races I never got back out there until about eight weeks after the race, but when I finally did get back on the trail I was able to find my stride again in about a week. I was running like my old self. But it hasn’t been like that lately. It has been a long time since I’ve run any real miles and even with the low mileage, I haven’t been able to find my stride like I used to.

I have to credit my boyfriend for getting me back out there and inspiring me to race again. Though he’s much much much faster than I am, he’ll go running with me. Only a few weeks after moving here, Choy was suffering from the lack of hills in Indianapolis, so we signed up for a race in Bloomington. Not only was it my first trail race, it was my first race in more than a year.

Since then Choy has been hitting the road with me. I’ve set a new goal: run a half marathon every month starting in November. I’m preparing for my kick off race – the Indianapolis Monumental  Half- Marathon – and will run 13.1 miles once a month for a year. It’s more ambitious than I’ve ever run and I have a crazy work schedule so it will be challenging to maintain that commitment, but I’m game.

In between now and my first race, Choy and I are running and racing 5Ks and I’m back in the gym with my trainer, which is another story entirely. I’m making efforts to strengthen my core and to also get into bridesemaid shape for my best friend Marcella’s wedding. (Marcella is who I ran Chicago with!) And it’s pretty tough. I tell you, I think my body is changing. I can feel my metabolism slowing. You know that switch that happens when women turn 30? I can feel mine creeping up on me. I go to the gym and every part of my body is trembling and the whole time I’m hoping that my trainer will stop and say, “wait, you’re doing that wrong” and I’ll make the adjustment and everything is instantly easier and I’m instantly thinner and more toned. I also dream that he’ll ask me a few questions and then say, “wait a minute! you have a thyroid disorder” and then I’ll get it treated and the weight will melt off and I’ll be so much faster.

So weird to wish that there was something wrong with you so what you’re doing could be easier. Ha. Alas, I’m sure many women have been in my same shoes.

Other than my supportive, trail-running sweetheart, I have Pinterest. Check out my fitness and inspiration and motivation boards that keep me going – when I read them.


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