other places, chicago, and a much needed stay-cation

I’ve been traveling a lot for work this last month. I’ll be home for three days and then out for four and then back for three and out for four, etc. My first trip was to Montgomery, Alabama. And despite the unfortunate incident, there were a few enjoyable moments.

Just around the corner from my hotel, Montgomery’s historic Union Station still has it’s original stained glass.

In Union Station, the gift shop was selling cotton ball angels. Made from Alabama cotton, these little angels were so cute! They didn’t have such a cute price so I took a photo. I found a recipe for this same craft, here.

Including Union Station and the gift shop, I did spend some time along the river and even made it to the Hank Williams museum!

After Alabama, I spent some time in Lafayette, Louisiana and experiences a little Acadiana.

After Lafayette, I flew to Tampa. I spent 90% of my time working, but did get the chance to enjoy a dinner cruise and some pretty Florida sunsets. While in Tampa, I witnessed the city preparing for the Republican National Convention. There was a red, white and blue elephant sculpture in my hotel.

After Florida, I attended a work conference in Chicago where Choy met me for a mini-vacation. We stayed in the Renaissance Blackstone off Michigan Avenue. The hotel is funky and far enough south on Michigan Avenue that it made for a nice morning run from Balbo north to the Art Institute, Millenium Park, The Bean and on to the lake shore. When Choy and I got to The Bean, we kicked ourselves because we didn’t have a camera and we were the only ones at The Bean! You don’t often find yourself the only person staring at your warped reflection. Bummer.

Choy ran further north on the lake shore and I returned to the hotel. We checked out when Choy returned and we headed to my old stomping grounds – Pilsen. I showed Choy all the places I used to hang out and where I used to live. We even bought some roadside champurrado and elote. Mmmm.

We drove through Ukie Village and spent some time in Wicker Park and Bucktown. We strolled the streets and stopped in shops and for a few drinks on the sidewalk patios. The weather was perfect.

And though the pictures below would make you think we spent some time in a pet shop, you would be mistaken. We were in Chinatown.

We returned from Chicago Saturday night to spend our Sunday enjoying the beautiful weather in Indy. We slept in and then went for a bike ride along the Monon Trail. We made a stop off College Avenue to eat at Taste where we celebrated National Potato Day with their signature pommes frites. The dipping sauce was to die. I have no idea what was in it, but it was delicious.

After Taste, we got back on our bikes, but didn’t make it far because we stopped at Locally Grown Gardens where I fell in love. The whole place is so cute and quaintly decorated. They sell housewares and fresh foods, mostly all from Indy gardens. Set just along the Monon Trail, Choy and I had a chance to sit, sip some peach shake up and watch people run, walk and bike the Monon.

It was nice to just sit and spend some time together. We’ve been going full speed ahead for so long. I have one more work weekend and our lives will get back to a more normal rhythm.

Not to mention we have a one year anniversary coming up!



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