can i go home now?

I’m back in Alabama. You’ll remember from a previous post what an amazing time I had the last time I was here.

The trip didn’t start well. With storms somewhere in the east my flight was canceled, then my new flight was delayed, my layover was delayed and then we sat on the runway for 45 minutes –gotta love US Airways #sarcasm– before I got to Montgomery, Alabama. Montgomery, Alabama with the one airport with the one rotating exit door that only lets you exit one person at a time. #dumb

And though I thought the moment was living in my past, the “do you have your papers” episode re-reared it’s ugly little racist head. I was sitting at the dinner table and much to my disappointment, the same gentleman I had seen months before, sat at my table too. I was engaged in an interesting conversation with two people at my table, one of which was sitting between me and this gentleman. Mind you, the gentleman was not involved in this interesting conversation and then he says to me, without being prompted, without me even so much as looking at him, without it being the topic of conversation he says, “Hey Cristina, remember the last time you were here, when they asked you for your visa?”

I gripped my fork. It took all of my will power not to stand up and yell at this man. I said, “No, I don’t remember. Because it never happened.”

He said, “Yeah, but we had that conversation.”

I said, “Yes. I remember having that conversation with you, but no one ever asked me for my visa.”

Catching the, say-one-more-word-and-I’ll-kill-you tone in my voice the guy sitting next to me changed the topic of conversation. Thankfully.


First of all, NO ONE is talking about race or visas or Mexicans at the dinner table and you bring this up in front of strangers? I can’t understand it. I really, really felt I could become violent.  — GAH—

:::shake it out:::

On the plus side, I got to hear from some pretty inspirational people this weekend. Some people who have done and continue to do some really interesting things. I heard from the first female president of a historically male organization and I got to hear from the man who has been charged with updating the Alabama state constitution. Boy, does he have some work to do…

Also while in Montgomery, I was able to visit Union Station, an old, still functioning train station that has since been renovated, but still has the original stained glass. Really beautiful. I took a walk along the Alabama River and visited the Hank Williams Museum.

So I had a little bit of fun. But if one more man condescendingly speaks to me using the words, “listen, honey” or “sweetheart” I will freak out. Can I go home now?


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