home and garden here we come!

So we’ve finally posted photos of the new place!  You can visit this Facebook album to see all the photos of our house and some of our garden. We’ve got bell peppers!  Here are a few photos to warm you up.

The living room. I was a little unsure of the frames below the window on the left, but seeing this photo… I really like them. They are prints of the Texas Gulf Coast and Cape Cod, both places that I love.

The mantel in the living room. We love these posters. Obama, Los Angeles and Houston. We got the Los Angeles poster off Ork.com. If you don’t know Ork, you should definitely check them out!

I’ve written about our dresser before, but I really, really love it. We bought it for $45 at a garage sale, sanded it down, painted it and put pretty silver knobs on it. We had the color matched to a pillow on our bed. It might be my favorite piece in our house. Our bedroom is gray, chartreuse and full of mirrored tables.

Our first green peppers from the vegetable garden!


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