the rumors of my death have been greatly exaggerated

I am not dead.

Choy arrived in Indy in early May and it’s been non-stop since then!

We had tons to do! Choy started volunteering for the Mini Marathon the day after he arrived! I helped on Saturday and we did a few fun things to prepare for our move to the house in between. For the Mini Marathon, we shuttled a few elite runners from the airport to their hotels and back. Though we didn’t get to meet any of the Kenyans we did meet a few of the worlds fastest female runners: Candice Chavez, Melissa Todd, and Venera Sarmosova.

Also that weekend Choy got to experience Indy’s attempt at food trucks. We went to the First Friday Food Truck Festival where I won free food coupons from the Spice Box Indian food truck! I won at their cornhole competition; I am so mid-west now. For dessert, Choy and I ate some really delicious cupcakes from Scout’s Treats. We stalk them both on Twitter now. (@spiceboxindy and @scoutstreats)

Though it was muggy and started to rain, we had a lot of fun. All the little shops on Mass Ave. (a cute little shopping district just outside of downtown) were hosting folks for an art competition. One little shop, The White Dog, was grilling street side. We tried to convince them to sell us their lawn chairs, but they wouldn’t.

Saturday, we woke up kinda early and hit up some garage sales. We were looking for a few things for our new place! We looked for dining tables and yard tools and then Choy was distracted by a treasure trove of 80’s R&B, Soul, and Funk albums. Do we have a record player you ask? No. No, we do not. And Sunday afternoon we went to see Avenue Q at the Phoenix Theatre.

In between all of these super fun activities we visited the new place and prepared things for the big move! So exciting!


This photo above was the dresser before we painted it and put new knobs on it.This is the dresser after we painted it chartreuse and put silver knobs on it. I love it.

Choy’s first week in Indy was weird because we knew we were moving in a week. So we lived out of and around boxes for a little bit. The week leading up to the move we packed and Choy checked on the place. Choy moved a few things Friday and we continued late into the night. Saturday my friend Steve brought his truck and leant a helping hand. There’s no way we would have accomplished all that we did without Steve.

When we were finally in the new place, we were so happy. But then we had to unpack. I kinda like unpacking. It’s a challenge. It’s like “how fast can I put all this stuff away before I go totally crazy?!” also “where is the most appropriate place to put this?” – I like that game. Choy and I found a Weber grill and a dresser at a garage sale the week before and painting the dresser and painting the living room were the first things on the list of things to do. I’ll share more about the house in it’s final state in another post. Just know that it is so cute! Here are some before and after shots of the dresser. It’s pretty snazzy if we do say so ourselves!

The whole weekend was spent unpacking and putting things away. We’re still plagued with the little things you can’t ever find a place for and lots of empty wall space. Choy is planning a photo project for the hallway wall. It’s pretty long so he’s got lots of space.

Choy’s first run in our new neighborhood.

We’re pretty much all moved in and so you know what comes next… running. Choy set out almost immediately to learn our new neighborhood by foot. The running isn’t even a little bit satisfactory for Choy. He’ll likely be blogging about his running here in Indy. I anticipate one of the tags being #flat.

I’ll get him out to the Smoky Mountains in Kentucky soon enough. Don’t you Grits worry. There’s some good running in Bloomington too and we’re going there for Memorial Day weekend.

Choy baked. I wrapped.

There’s a question you have to ask yourself when you move into a neighborhood. It’s not something I ever thought about, but you have to decide, “What kind of neighbor am I going to be?”

Are you going to be the neighbor that doesn’t acknowledge the other or are you going to be friendly and… neighborly? Choy baked banana bread for the neighbors and hurled us into the “neighborly” category. He and I delivered it to a few of the folks on our street and got to know a few of the families around us. Mostly older, we did meet the young-er couple next door and invited them to our Pacquiao Fight Night in June.

We bought these herbs for $1 each! They are going to be awesome in our herb garden.

Though I had to work some this last weekend, Choy and I did make it out of the house to take advantage of a few fun things Indy does in the summer. We went to a farmer’s market and bought herbs and vegetables for the garden we’re planning.

After coming home to drop off the herbs, we left to go grocery shopping and later went to the Broad Ripple Art Fair at the Indy Arts Center. The art fair was okay. We didn’t buy anything except food – Indian food!

We did see a glass blowing exhibition that was pretty interesting, but they were making a bowl so it took forever and we got tired.

Sunday was super fun because Choy started on the garden and we grilled on the new grill. We finished the garden later in the week and our hope is that our neighbors will feel free to pick what they need. We planted rosemary, lavender, thyme, three kinds of oregano, two kinds of basil, and two kinds of sage.

This week was crazy at work and I’m so excited for the three-day weekend. We’ll be heading down to Bloomington to spend some time in Brown County State Park for some running and Nashville, Indiana for some small town fun.

Until then, we’ve posted the photos of all our adventures on Facebook in this public photo album. Enjoy!



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