trust me, your girlfriend will love you for this

This one’s for the fellahs!!! Or the ladies that want to drop the not-so-subtle hints to their fellahs.

Guys, practice your skills of perception with Pinterest and the Five Love Languages.

Pinterest is not only super fun, but it’s also everything that goes on in your lady’s head. She’ll pin photos of clothes that make her feel beautiful, jewelry that makes her feel fancy, food that she enjoys and images that represent her dreams for her home, her family, her future. Pinterest is basically a wish list.

You can visit her Pinterest boards and know exactly what moves her. You’ll know exactly what to get her for her birthday or your anniversary. You’ll probably be able to tell exactly where to get it also. Could it be any easier?

Be the perfect gift giver, make her dreams come true, visit her Pinterest boards!

If you’ve never heard of the Five Love Languages, pay attention. The Five Love Languages are the five ways people like to express and receive affection.

The five languages are: words of affirmation (I miss you, I love you, you’re wonderful, etc.), physical touch (hugging, sitting close, holding hands, etc.), quality time (hanging out together, undivided attention, etc.), gifts, and acts of service (cleaning the kitchen, changing lightbulbs, etc.).

You’ll find that you may be more inclined toward one language or have equal preferences for a few. If you take this quiz, you’ll be asked a few questions and then you’ll find out which love language you speak. You should do this with your significant other and find out exactly how they feel appreciated.

It doesn’t get any easier. Really.

You’re welcome.



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