$925 later…

This morning we walked the Race for the Cure Indy for my friend Lindsay. I’ve written about Lindsay before in Why Does Anyone Live in Indianapolis?

Lindsay is mid cancer treatment. She is currently going through rounds of chemo and in July will have a mastectomy.

Deciding to do the Race for the Cure was kind of a difficult decision for me, what with the Planned Parenthood defunding and all. But, I took a step back and remembered that the actions of national decision makers are made without the input of local providers and because of their decisions local providers suffer. Attendance was down 10,000 people this year. Planned Parenthood didn’t have a single team from what I could tell.

Even though attendance was down, spirits were high. It was so nice to walk with Lindsay and get dressed up in crazy pink outfits. And it was so nice to have the support of all our co-workers — and my friends.

Since I signed up for the race, my friends and loved ones donated $925 to Lindsay’s race. That is so moving to me! So wonderful! Thank you so much friends! Of the money we raised, $231.25 is going to global breast cancer research and an amazing $693.75 is staying in Indy to help women like Lindsay with their treatment. I mean, the money we gave could go directly to save Lindsay’s life. The funds stay local and she’s getting her treatment here, so yay!

In the last few years more and more of my friends have been diagnosed with some form of cancer. Believe it or not, Lindsay isn’t the first. And I know she won’t be the last. And when those friends need me, I’ll be there.

Thank you again to all who donated and all that sent best wishes!

Thank you to these amazing friends and donors:
The perfect couple, Jason and Bethiel Holton
My amazing boyfriend, Choy Bacor/Harry Shum Jr.
The beautiful Bells
One of my first Indy friends, Leslie/Leroy
The so so fun, Devin Hartman
My New York love, Sarah Jessee
The mother of Angie Rogers, Toni Richter (there’s no higher compliment!)
The daughter of Toni Richter, Angie Rogers (ok, there’s a higher compliment.)
The dashing Marc Garcia
Deeg Sister Elizabeth Blackmur
My Chicago love, Courtney Swartz
My soul, Jessica Eiseman
The oh-so-talented Casie Stoltz and changemaker, Cesar Rodriguez
The boss, Kristin Walega
My seester, Crystal Gomez and her BF Nick-o-lacka
My cuz, Elizabeth Perez
Boston buddy John Francis (early congrats on the wedding!)
The beautiful and intelligent, Brie Adderley

Even though the race is over, you can still donate. If you’re interested in helping me and Lindsay reach our goal of $1,250 post-race you can click here. Please do!



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