life and loaf

News! I’m getting a new roommate! And a new apartment!

Choy and I found an adorable little bungalow in Irvington and it’s perfect for us. It’s small (cozy) and old (character) and we move in May 1.

I was driving around Irvington, our neighborhood of choice, and stumbled onto this little gem. If you didn’t know, the town of Sleepy Hollow was modeled after Irvington. It has a very rich history and tradition.

After calling the owner and leaving a message, I did a loop around the neighborhood like a stalker and saw that the door was open. I parked my car along the tree-lined street and walked up to the door. The windows were big. The trim was dark and refinished. The floors were hardwood and also refinished.

“Hello?” I opened the door.

“Hellooo?” I walked into the living room.

“Helloooooo?” I walked into the dining room. I heard voices in the basement and couldn’t decide if it was inappropriate that I was inside. I did a little crouch and shuffle and ran out to the porch to run the scene one more time.

The landlords were wonderful people and I did my very best to convince them that Choy and I were the perfect couple to rent their place. The little place is very much in demand and before I could make a decision I had to confirm with Choy.

I called Choy to talk it out with him. I described the place to him and then he said, “I think I know what place you’re talking about.” He repeated the address to me and told me he had flagged it on Craigslist. We had picked the same place unknowingly!!!

Aside from agreeing on a place to live so quickly and drama free, I was really happy that we had picked the same place. We either have the same taste or know each other well enough to know what was appropriate for us. *so romantic*

So, I left an application and references and crossed my fingers. Umm… four hours later, Choy and I had an apartment. Oh, yeah. We’re the greatest couple ever.

I think y’all can expect to see how the apartment comes along, our garden and if you’re ever in the area please stop by, we’d love to have you!


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