women are amazing and don’t you forget it

Facebook’s new Timeline format makes our profiles look more like Tumblr pages. I posted this on my new FB in early January, but feel it fits better on my blog. So here it is… A REPEAT!

I don’t mind repeating this post at all. If you know me, you know that I think women are amazing. I’m always looking for more reasons to tout our gender. Not only are the women I know smart and beautiful, they are compassionate and talented and oh so inspiring… so here we go!


There are women who inspire us because we know their deepest struggles personally. (mothers, sisters, friends)

There are women who inspire us because they are unknowable. They are women of enterprise and politics and justice. Breaking glass ceilings in public, amplified ways. They are the people we write book reports about.

Then there are the women who inspire us because sometimes we think we could be them. If we worked hard enough… in some alternate universe… they are the women we come across in meetings or events. “Normal” women who inspire because they are “normal” people doing extraordinary things, going unnoticed by many, celebrated by few.

I had the great great fortune of meeting Maria Kim when I lived in Chicago. I would categorize Maria as “normal”, but she’s extraordinary, don’t get it twisted. She is the Chief Operating Officer for The Cara Program, an amazing organization that is making great strides against poverty by teaching people the skills to be self-reliant.

Anyway, Maria writes this amazing blog and you need to read it. Her latest post is amazing. Be inspired by the amazing, normal woman.

Read it here: Dollars to Dumplings



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