zumba: battle of the high school cheerleaders

At my gym, Zumba is a dance battle between former high school cheerleaders. As the class progresses and people get more comfortable, you start to notice who picks up the choreography quickly, who pops it with a little more purpose, and who is unnecessarily whipping their ponytail around.

It’s not like anyone brings their poms with them, but somehow they identify each other. With a sideways glance at the next girl’s moves, they gravitate toward each other and by the end of the class they have somehow managed to dance their way to the front row, center.

The rest of the hour is an unspoken challenge to move better, make it funkier. It starts to look a little less gym class and a little more tryout. It’s more of a performance and the former captains play off each other’s energy.

Zumba class is fun. It’s super fun with great choreography and good instructor. It didn’t completely satisfy my craving for the dance class I’ve been searching for, but it was good enough for now.

I think I need to keep looking. I want a class with real or semi-real dancers, people who can 8-count and come to dance in fun street clothes, with blocks of color in their hair, wearing flourescent high-tops.

I’m looking for a Kyle Hanagami class is what I’m basically saying.

I don’t know that Kyle Hanagami-esque classes exist in Indy. Ideas? :/



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