my talented friend: casie stoltz

Jersey Bean Design is named for Casie's precious bunny rabbit Jersey Bean, may she rest in peace.

My friend Casie Stoltz has an amazing eye for style (Raven Styling) and a talent for design (Jersey Bean Design). Since I met Casie in college, I’ve always been in awe of her ability to make something gorgeous out of scraps of feathers, cloth, beads, pearls, lace, and sometimes chains (hee hee). She is incredible.

My girlfriends have started to tie the knot and we’ve started a tradition of sorts. We choose one of Casie’s garter designs and gift it to the bride. In this way, we give our friend something unique and beautiful, made with love and care by our friend. I can’t wait to get married, half to see which of Casie’s garters I get! ;P

Casie was recently the guest feature on Soiree Chicago’s Eat.Sleep.Plan., a blog about Chicago wedding planning and the beautiful little details involved in making the special day really special. You can read that feature by visiting Eat.Sleep.Plan.

You can also check out Jersey Bean Design on Facebook to see some of Casie’s work. In the meantime, here are some photos (modeled by our beautiful friend Jessica) for your instant gratification. I like the first photo. Jessica looks likes a tigress.


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