that’s one for the bucket list!

Choy and I just returned from Oregon. It was a great trip, though it started a little rocky. I missed my morning flight and nearly had a meltdown at the airport. I pouted for a few minutes refusing to go home even though my new flight wasn’t until 10 hours later. I finally came to my senses and headed back to my apartment.

A few hours later, Choy found out his flight was rescheduled and he hadn’t been notified. What was a 5pm arrival time turned into a delay at LAX, a delay at LAS and a midnight arrival at PDX. Choy was more than a little upset. A few words from the wise – don’t fly Spirit Airlines.

We didn’t have much time in Oregon together, so even just a few hours lost was really upsetting for both of us. But we got over it and took advantage of the few days we did have. We started in Portland and got on the road early in the morning.

I mean, have you seen a happier man?

We headed to Tillamook Cheese Factory and had fun touring the facility, tasting cheese and ice cream, and playing in fake buses (picture later).

After Tillamook, we wandered around the town, ate at the public market, and took a scenic loop before heading south on the 101 toward our day’s final destination: Eugene.

Eugene has been on my bucket list for ages, ever since the days that Jared Leto played Steve Prefontaine in the movie Prefontaine. :::sigh::: Just kidding. I’ve been a Pre fan since my family started running cross country. It started with my cousin Javi, then Alex and then me and my cousin Amanda. And with Choy being a distance runner as well, we were both excited to head to Tracktown, USA.

Though the trip was gorgeous, there was so much scenery to take in with mountains on my left and ocean on my right, I didn’t think we’d make it through the meandering mountainside. It was kinda scary!

If you ever worried that the 90s were dead, don’t. If you thought gone were the days of flannel and cropped leather boots, you’d be wrong. In Eugene, Choy and I went to dinner at a little pizza place and let me tell you, the 90s are alive and well.

Choy leaves a runner's offering.

The next day before visiting the University of Oregon campus, we went searching for Steve’s memorial site. We had a semi-difficult time finding it and when we did, it was easy to understand how Pre wrecked there. The road was narrow and windy with a drop on one side. The memorial itself was so moving. I don’t know that visiting Pre’s Rock ever fell from #1 on my list of favorite things we did in Oregon.

After paying our respects, we went to the university campus, visited Hayward Field, and sought advice from the Bill Bowerman statue. So incredible to be at the same place that Steve trained. I always dreamed of visiting UO and Hayward Field, it was so cool to finally do it and it was even better that I was there with someone who could appreciate it with me.

We headed back north that afternoon, with a stop in Salem and then another stop for a cider tasting. The next two days we spent in Portland driving around and site seeing. And I’m done writing.

After the Pre-experience, nothing else compares.

We ate a lot of good food, saw the sights, and walked around. You can read Choy’s account of our trip for supplemental details by visiting his blog ( and most recent post: Oregon 2012. You can also visit my Facebook page for a public photo album. Enjoy!

Until next time! Loaf from Oregon!


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