why does anyone live in indianapolis?

Believe it or not, Indianapolis isn’t the most fabulous place to live. Shocking, I know.

I mean there’s the 500, jorts, and John Mellancamp, but there’s only so much Jack and Diane you can take. I love that song, but honestly.

I’m stuck in Indy until 2015. I’m on contract with a global service organization here and when the campaign’s up, who knows where I’ll head next. Who knows where my heart will lead me.

I’ve believed, until recently, that I was put in Indianapolis to take advantage of an incredible job opportunity and to do my part to make the world a better place. A few weeks ago though, I found out that my co-worker and dear, dear friend has breast cancer.

It’s one of those incredible things – she’s young (just turned 30!) and healthy and she has breast cancer. Breast cancer. Unbelievable.

She pulled me aside with our boss and broke the news. And then I cried. My boss called me after the meeting offering words of inspiration and positivity. She said something that made my being in Indiana make so much more sense. She said that she too thought she came to Indianapolis, an otherwise godforsaken place, to get ahead in her career, to do good work, but now she knows that our fates aligned so that we could help Lindsay survive cancer. And I like that idea.

Why anyone chooses to live in Indianapolis, I’ll never know. Lindsay is staying in Indy for cancer treatment and we’ll be with her every step of the way.

As an aside and an update: I wrote this when I found out Lindsay had cancer. It’s been a couple of weeks since then and she starts chemo on Thursday so I went out to buy her a “we love you” gift from the office.

Never. Never. Never go shopping on Valentine’s Day Eve if you don’t have to. It was a mad house. People were legitimately in a panic. I had to wrestle a woman for a vanilla scented candle! Just kidding. :)

We love you Linds.


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