happy groundhog’s day!

It’s also my birthday. I’m 28 today. I like to start new things on my birthday. In fact, I don’t start my New Year’s resolutions until my birthday. My thinking is: they’re MY resolutions; I’m going to start them on MY birthday. It feels more personal that way, although I’m sure there were a million other people born on this day. Two of those people were my grandfather and my cousin – happy birthday Grandpa Ayala and Javi! xoxo

Anyway, this blog is the new thing I’m starting on my birthday. I’m not really sure what it’s supposed to be. We’ll let it grow organically and see what happens.

The thing about birthdays, and the one thing I hope you take away from this inaugural post, is that they are about our mothers. We should celebrate our mothers on our birthdays. I mean, what did we do? I stumbled on this realization a few years ago and it’s probably the thing that made me happiest that year. Celebrating my mom.

I posted a request on Facebook for folks to appreciate my mutha on my birthday just for the fun of it and as a way to pay the idea forward. And you know what? People actually thanked my mom. I think I posted her e-mail address and people actually wrote to her. Telling her lovely things, complimenting her mothering and telling her what an all-around fabulous human being she raised. It was the best gift ever. It made my mom really happy. It’ll make your mom happy too, I’m sure.

So I’m 28 today as of 6:06 am, I believe. When I was born my dad lost $500. He was so excited making phone calls and telling people I had finally arrived that he left his wallet at the pay phone (pay phone?). He tells me that he knew I would be a handful from that moment.

My mom tells me that my grandfather (her father, the one who I share a birthday with) was so excited the day I was born. “Mother and Father were so excited when you were born. They looked at you like you were the only little girl in the world,” my mom tells me. And I was the only little girl in the world, until my sister was born four years later… argh.

When my mom was 28 she had been married for 7 years, had a career, 2 baby girls, and a baby boy on the way. Sheesh. What a difference a generation makes, no?

At 28, I don’t have a husband or children, but I do have a great job, a healthy family, a boyfriend who inspires me every day and the best friends a girl could ask for. And that’s alright by me. I feel like the luckiest girl in the world.



3 thoughts on “happy groundhog’s day!

  1. Happy birthday maurice!!!

    I just read this to Mom and Beber, they LOVED it!! Mom saying ” aye Cristina” and Beber laughing!

    Let me tell you this.. ” you is kind, you is smart, yous important”

    Happy birthday!!


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