February 2013
1. hey you guys…

2. weekend at home #1: dog club, bad tamales and the arts
3. weekend at home #2: land between the lakes, cougars in chicago
4. weekend at home #3: spring cleaning, more arts and the flea market
5. on dec 4 1956, on man brought johnny cash, jerry lee lewis, carl perkins, and elvis presley to play together for the first and only time…

6. wedding planning commences, choy turns 34, and it is finally spring
7. bouncy boobs no more
8. about boston

9. our little baby oliver
10. the one where I was nearly nerd-famous by only degrees of separation

11. ethnic food adventures in indy
12. what i’m reading: bossypants
13. upland brewing co., carmel is. a. disaster.
14. pupdate

15. what i’m reading: a dog’s journey
16. a little more atlanta

17. the law
18. what i’m reading: lean in
19. pure michigan
20. coal miner’s daughter

21. the campaign trail
22. all things at once

23. the wedding
24. i love gift subscription boxes

25. what is american? jose antonio vargas poses the question in indiana
26. dr. rachel armstrong wants your light to come from bacteria
27. feed just one

28. 2014’s theme: purpose

January 2014
29. my 5-day yoga challenge
30. new year’s resolutions – two weeks in
31. budgeting for the rest of us



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