February 2012

1. happy groundhog’s day
2. a fake puppy, skulls, and other special things
3. it happened one day in alabama
4. why does anyone live in indianapolis?
5. that’s one for the bucket list!
6. my talented friend: casie stoltz

7. what i’m reading: into the wild
8. zumba: battle of the high school cheerleaders
9. things i remember: falling off the #9 bus and my cousin alex
10. upset your mother
11. new orleans rediscovered
12. a little quiet between meetings
13. whispering into a mic, does not a yoga instructor make
14. women are amazing and don’t you forget it

15.  last time i checked, it takes two to tango 
16. life and loaf
17. dash
18. you are a feminist
19. $925 later…
20. 千羽鶴
21. what i’m reading: the things they carried

22. grow up
23. trust me, your girlfriend will love you for this
24. please hang up and try your call again
25. the rumors of my death have been greatly exaggerated
26. wild nights in indianapolis

27. the truth about food trucks in indy
28. home and garden here we come!

29. thoughts on prison reform
30. meeting the family, road trip, car trouble — relationship intact.
31. can i go home now?

32. other places, chicago, and a much needed stay-cation
33. running. again.

34. mom, see
35. ruff night
36. give me more of this: oranje 2011
37. something blue, something blue, something blue

38. bad kids
39. on the topic of leadership (aka i’m wiser than an old guy)

40. good weekend
41. thanksgiving. when no dish tastes like your mom’s

42. the best $6 I ever spent
43. quick lesson: comfort zone
44. captain’s log: road trip across the usa, day 1
45. captain’s log: road trip across the usa, day 2
46. captain’s log: road trip across the usa, day 3

January 2013
47. captain’s log: road trip across the usa, day 4
48. behold my shopping prowess
49. my precious



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